Neutral colors and textures re-invented for a Modern Mountain perspective.

Classic tradition with a Men's club influence.

Contemporary shades of charcoal with the addition of playful color.

Lifestyle graphics in a coastal inspired coloration.

About Furniture

Sunbury’s Furniture department focuses on the development of quality products that meet the needs of furniture manufacturers worldwide. We launch a broad and diverse collection of patterns, in a variety of fabrications, bi-annually. This collection is developed with the ability to design a modern, traditional, transitional, or ethnic room setting with both statement artistic pieces and classic basics included in each line. Mini-collections, released throughout the year, add to our “must have” aesthetic.

Our five-story building, located in the SoHo area of New York City, houses an extensive archive and our contemporary design spaces. With our modern setting, inspiring neighborhood, and innovative collections, we have become known as a design beacon within our industry. Sunbury’s creative talent, technical expertise, and unique SoHo vantage point give us the ability to turn your creative vision into a tactile reality.

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