Inviting Hospitality patterns infused with texture and colorful elements.

Whimsical bleach cleanable fabrics, perfect for healthcare applications.

Sleek and sophisticated looks for the corporate market.

About Contract

Sunbury Contract is dedicated to making beautiful and innovative products that perform to the highest industry standards. Our focus is to create fabric for public spaces in the hospitality, healthcare, and corporate markets – such as hotels, bars / restaurants, offices, hospitals, and assisted living facilities. In addition to conventional contract grade fabric, our department develops a wide breadth of specialty performance fabrics such as Crypton®, bleach-cleanable constructions, and an environmentally conscious recycled fiber story and reclamation program. All of our products attain at minimum a Silver NSF 336 Certification and we are an active member of the Association for Contract Textiles (ACT).

With our office located in the heart of SoHo, we are surrounded by inspiration. From designer flagship stores to specialty boutiques to techy pop-up shops, we have access to the best of what this city has to offer, right in our own backyard. Museums and Gallery shows provide us with inspirational vision on color, while high-end retailors showcase inventive texture and fibers. We study what is currently trending at annual industry trade events, such as NeoCon and the HD Expo, and work with both domestic and international artists to further inspire our studio to create innovative patterns and motifs.

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