Modern electronic jacquard loom

Above: Modern electronic jacquard loom


Warping Department


High-speed jacquard looms


We are a modern electronic jacquard upholstery Mill with state-of-the-art technology throughout our manufacturing operation. We annually install capital improvement projects to invest in up-to-date technology. Our capabilities are:


Sectional warping able to produce varied layouts from 100 to 4000 yards per beam


Rapier looms able to weave weft yarns of all deniers and fiber content without adjustment, electronic loom stop motions for dense tissue weft constructions, 60 yard roll length pattern and weft changes, and electronic jacquard heads for immediate pattern changes

Technical Design

CAD studio with specialized software and simulation capabilities


Both continuous and isolated inspection processes depending upon the individual fabric constructions and their specialized needs


Baling Machine


Bales of recyclable materials

Sustainability Initiatives

Sunbury has continued to bring sustainability initiatives to an age-old industry through:

Water Conservation

We use no water in manufacturing our fabrics

Energy Conservation

We manufacture fabrics with 10% renewable wind energy

Air Emissions

We qualify for a Minor Air Emissions Permit Source Reduction and Waste Minimization through continual process improvement

Recycling Program

We recycle 256 tons per year of yarn waste and cardboard

Take Back Program

We will take back our customer’s 100% polyester fabric fabrics for recycling

Electronic Recycling Program

We will recycle customer’s used computers and monitors

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